How to double your deposit with the 1xBet bonus Friday offer?

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Are you a betting lover who is looking for advantageous bonuses or winnings? Try the 1xBet bonus Friday and get an exclusive opportunity to double your deposit. This article will tell you everything about this special offer as well as reveal all the secrets about how to get $144 on your customer’s account. All Ghana users are welcomed to participate in this promotion.

1xBet Lucky Friday offer is a promotion which allows you to receive a bonus of up to 144 $ on your account. This money can and should be used for wagering. You are not risking anything! Unless with your deposit, which you still need to make to receive this bonus. The offer is valid only 24 hours from 00:00 to 23:59 and is available for registered users who made the minimum required deposit to activate the bonus.

How to receive the 1xBet Happy Friday bonus?

How to receive the 1xBet Happy Friday bonus?

In order not to miss the opportunity to get the 1xBet Happy Friday bonus, it is better to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions in advance.

It is necessary to complete the registration form and create an account. There are four registration options to choose from: via email, via social networks, via phone number and one-click registration.

Choose the most convenient option for you.

  • Complete the registration and fill in all the necessary account details.
  • The next step is authorization on the site.
  • To complete the registration Lucky Friday, do not forget to tick “Take part in bonus offers” field.
  • Select your bonus account and deposit of at least 1 $.
  • Meet all the requirements of the company and wait several hours to receive money on your main account.

The bonus is equal to the deposit and will be transferred immediately after the balance is updated.

However, it cannot be more than $144.

How to use 1xBet Lucky Friday bonus?

How to use 1xBet Lucky Friday bonus?

Do not expect that you can withdraw your bonus funds. It is necessary to use it in a bonus rollover.

If you win, you will earn; if you lose, you won’t miss anything, so it is a rather beneficial offer.

How to use your 1xBet bonus Friday account? The main condition is to use it only on Friday. On other days this you cannot use this promotion and void the reward. Therefore, do not delay the time until the evening, but decide earlier. The second important rule – the results of events should also be announced on Friday. Otherwise, 1xBet Lucky Friday offer will be canceled. Other conditions for receiving the reward will be discussed below. So how to roll over the Lucky Friday promo?

  • The client must provide identification documents, if necessary, to prove their identity. If you don’t provide this information upon request, it will result in the loss of any bonuses and winnings. The bookmaker can ask the client to provide a photo in which he or she is holding the identification card (the photograph must clearly show the client’s face). Also, it is possible to undergo a telephone identification procedure.
  • The type of a bet is express so that during the day the wager was calculated, and you will know the result by the time the offer is void in order the bonus is deemed.
  • You can choose any bonus games that take place on Friday and end before the end of the day.
  • Each express should include three games from different lines: football, hockey, curling, basketball, etc. You can also wager on the national team.
  • The odds of each event should be at least 1.4. To receive a 1xBet Happy Friday bonus, you should complete a bet slip, enter the desired amount, pick the bonus account and click “Place a bet”.
  • The total bet amount of all coupons should at least three times the size of the bonus amount. So, before accepting the rules of the offer, you should keep in mind that if the amount of the bonus is $144, then the number of bets should be at least $432.
  • The next coupon can be announced only after the results of the previous one. Therefore, experienced bettors recommend placing live bets.
  • In case you win, the 1xBet bonus Friday is automatically transferred to the main account, but not more than an initial bonus amount.
  • It is not allowed to withdraw the money before all the terms and conditions of the offer have been fulfilled.
  • You cannot use this offer and other promos or special offers at the same time.
  • The bonus rollover must be completely accomplished before the bettor can withdraw all the money from the account. Otherwise, any winnings made with the help of this offer will be canceled.
  • If the company considers itself to be a victim of fraud or funds laundering, it can close the client’s accounts and freeze the remaining funds, so that the user will not be able to withdraw the bonus amount.

The example of using 1xBet Black Friday offer

The example of using 1xBet Black Friday offer

Let us consider the case of using the 1xBet Black Friday offer. You deposit any amount, for example, 1350 Ghanaian Cedi. 1350 Ghanaian Cedi bonus is credited. Place a bet using the bonus account. In total, you will need to wager on 4050 Ghanaian Cedi.

Coupon 1

  • Choose three or more sports events with odds of 1.40 and higher.
  • Deposit the bonus, wager on “Express”, for example, 350 Ghanaian Cedi.
  • Confirm the coupon and wait for the end of the games.

You have left 3700 Ghanaian Cedi.

Coupon 2

Do the same actions. Place 2000 Ghanaian Cedi and wait for the results. You have left 1700 Ghanaian Cedi.

Coupon 3

Repeat the procedure. Place a bet which is not less than 1700 Ghanaian Cedi. To get money on bonus account balance, make sure that the results are announced before midnight. Otherwise, you will not fulfill all the conditions of the offer.

Just in case, choose games which will finish soon. You can bet on the result not of the whole game, but, for example, of a half. Now, wait for several hours of receiving the bonus and praise yourself for the right choice of teams and outcomes, or try yourself on another 1xBet bonus Friday, replenishing the deposit again.

The money you won (no more than the bonus amount) is automatically transferred to the main account in case of a win. Good luck!Get a promotional code for registration

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